The Promise Of Technology Is Intangible


Technologies-enabled solutions are not tangible sales. Customers don’t buy the device however they purchase what it can do. Salespeople of average tend to view technology as tangible thing, which is why they focus on its functionality. The most successful salespeople realize that their customers care only about the outcomes technology can bring that are intangible. This distinct perception of how technology works is the primary aspect that determines the performance of salespeople.

Technology is the realization of abstract ideas. The more theories implemented, the more effective the technology will be. For instance, there’s an electronic chip inside my car that allows me to be more efficient as a driver. The chip detects the car’s tendency to skid on a slick of ice faster than I am able to. It instantly sends signals to the brake anti-lock system, so that the car reacts to changing road conditions prior to when I realize that there is an issue. This easy application is the realization of theories that cross the disciplines of physics the mechanical engineer, perception along with computer programs. It’s a lengthy time to describe how this all came about. As a prospective car owner I just want to know that it helps me become more secure as a driver.

The more advanced technology is, the higher the abstraction. Selling abstractions involves more than simply relating advantages. It’s about connecting the capabilities of the technology with the end goal that is the unquantifiable benefits of technology. I only recognize the importance of the car’s computer-controlled anti-locking device if I am aware of how it enhances my driving. If the salesperson only talks about anti-locking brakes, I’m not able to see the benefits. If she says that I’ll become more efficient at driving, but she doesn’t elaborate on how I will not believe her. She should help me understand the connection between application of technology and the outcomes which are important to me in order for me to consider the technology.

The transfer of abstract theories into practical applications that provide strategic benefits is at the heart that sells value. Value is created when the client believes that the technology solution will assist them in achieving their goals. To build the confidence of your customer, it is essential to incorporate the process of learning with the decision-making process.

The salesperson must give the customer the correct information at the appropriate moment. In addition, it has to take place in a manner that improves the customer’s perception of the need, urgency to purchase and the appreciation of the in the product.

The puzzle of information gets more complex when we include the continuous pace of change that is inherent to every technology solution. As technology advances and the application expands it becomes virtually impossible to remain current and aware of the latest technology. The amount of information salespeople draw upon to market a technology product is constantly changing. Technologies change. Technology advances replace the old. The products of competitors change. Markets expand. Every new development has implications for the way customers purchase and how best to promote the product.


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