Technology is Disruptive – And Empowering


Technology has changed how we work and live our lives and also how we have enjoyment. Technology is able to empower businesses through increases in productivity, speedier production and development cycles better decision-making by employees, and better customer service. Technology can be initially challenging before it is an enabler.

While the concepts presented in this article could have general application however, they are designed to be applied to the integration of the latest information and communication technologies in business processes. Information technology involves computers and peripheral equipment, as along with the flow of data through local network. Communications encompass any type of voice or video communication, which includes the telephone system as well as related equipment, in addition to the communication pathways that make up the large network.

Each and every action that is conducted in the business is part of one procedure or an additional. Sometimes, the procedures are clearly understood and easily observable such as the route of the purchase order. Sometimes the procedure isn’t that clear, yet it’s still there it is not explicitly. By changing the process new technology are often able to provide new ways to conduct business that were previously not feasible. In addition to improving existing processes, the new technology can be disruptive when first implemented. This is due to the need to alter the way people behave or relationships with other people. In the event of disruption the productivity can suffer initially, but it will improve over time that the new methods are as well-known as the older ones. In the end we hope that the objective is achieved, which is to reach a the same level of efficiency that the one at which it began prior to the introduction of the latest technology.

The most important word is “disseminate.” If information access is not centralized and if an easy exchange of information is permitted the “front line” workers can enhance the quality and quantity of their decisions without the need to involve levels of management.

The enthusiastic will take on new technology in a fervent manner. They will not usually look for it, but they are eager to incorporate it into their routines whenever it is appropriate. Because of their willingness to learn, they typically be able to utilize the latest technology. They may also prove beneficial in helping others in the process of learning. Acceptance is when people accept new technology since it is needed. They won’t seek for it. In fact, they frequently attempt to stay clear of it initially until they have to embrace it. Once they realize that the latest technology will be around for the long haul and they are willing to discover how to make the most of it, or at the very least be able to live with it.

The productivity and. the time-to-work curve is going to appear different for the four types of individuals. Think about how every person within your company is categorized into these four categories. Consider the impact that this has on the benefits you’ve specifically targeted. Consider how this affects the ability of you to reap more benefits after the technologies are put into place. Understanding the difference can smooth out bumps in the process of implementation. Understanding the context within the process as well as the potential to democratize the use of technology, as well as the different types of people that are involved can assist you in achieving the objectives mentioned above to reap the benefits faster with a smoother introduction of new technologies.

Also, make new technologies clear to the user, or at a minimum make them as easy to use as is possible. Additional time spent planning for an introduction to new tech as well as instructing employees on the usage of these technologies can result in a return that is more than the time spent in training and planning. It is possible to achieve quicker increases in productivity, less impact on customers and less stress on support personnel.


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