Technology And The Society – Its Facts And Controversy


Technology developed from society. Everything that technology needed to support its development and growth received from society. Many claim that technology gave everything back to society as well, and it is and rightly. Technology is heavily dependent on society, and it relies on technology to develop and growth. The relationship is a good one however is one of the parties unjustly exploiting the other in some way?

Technology is a part of the society. The society is awash in technology. The society provides the human and physical resources needed for technology to flourish. There is no doubt about the obvious fact that technology has developed, and has even flourished. The issue of discussion is what technology has done and continues to take away from society to grow.

In the first place, it is to be noted that the social usage of technology played a significant impact on the perception of technology. A few of the negative consequences of technology, ranging in severity from environmental pollution up to apparent loss of nonrenewable resource, are unintentionally. They became apparent due to the extensive utilization of technology. They were unplanned and deeply regretted because they consume all they can to society. Removing these practices from society is now nearly impossible because of the complete dependence of society on technology.

The primary reason for technological advancement was to simplify human existence. It was about the utilization of resources to guarantee complete control over the immediate surroundings and the events that take place within it. Due to the development of technology the information is now ubiquitous and the quality of communication has increased beyond comprehension and the general standard of life for the entire population has improved tremendously. The commercialization of sports has increased and institutions are able to expand their reach across the globe.

Divers types of threats are also a result of technological advancements. From the top-of-the-line you can mention pollution and global warming as the most significant problems. In addition, there is the minor problem of the negatives which are brought about by the internet. Every new technology appears to have their own waste issues that the public finds difficult to handle. The detrimental consequences of all kinds of waste are well documented.

Technology appears incapable of resolving every problem it caused. It is viewed by many as a deficiency of idea. Many do not realize how it’s the social usage of technology that contributes to these threats. It is therefore unfair for society to take the accuse technology of its weaknesses. In light of the current arguments one could question if these two concepts really are separate.


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