Modern Technology – Connecting Or Hurting Humanity?


In the last few decades, technology has developed exponentially, providing our modern society with a lot of the amenities. These gadgets and devices have raised the level of living of the people to the point that we can’t live without them. The gadgets and devices that are included include television, cell phones computers, the internet, iPhones consoles such as the iPod, Wii and numerous others. It’s possible to remain without them, but. While it is amazing however, technology has its drawbacks, one of which is that , as technology advances, the population will remain more unproductive.

As we have mentioned the modern age of technology has an integral part of the human race, but it has brought an awful health issue along with it. Technology can cause people to be lazy, deciding to sit on their backs and stare at a screen of electrons for hours instead of engaging in a physical activity or going outside. However, it’s become apparent in recent years that people prefer to join groups with similar beliefs and values and stay clear of those who have different views. The result is a homogeneous web-based community with zero differences and a massive subversion of the basic principles of democratic principles.

Transporting yourself by cars or buses is a must in today’s world however, these behaviors make the world seem so lazy today. Most people today are too lazy to consider taking an easy walk to get there. Today, everybody has an automobile that they are able to take anywhere even if it’s only the tiniest walk across the street or just around the corner. I’m not trying to look like an old-fashioned person because technology has certainly created cars, and nearly everything that we do be around or in. Automobile manufacturers are known to boast about their latest vehicles, which come with high crash test ratings and have a lot of air bags , which is something that you can take pride in. Even though the latest advancements in automobiles could make drivers less attentive, cars are necessary in the modern world, and the advancements in security are more important than the leisure factor.

One of the most significant advancements in technology cell phones have brought people more closely than ever before. Cell phones allow anyone who is anywhere to contact anyone at any time with just only a couple of buttons (assuming that the signal is strong and you’re willing to be willing to pay for additional charges). The advent of cell phones has resulted in the rise of the “texting” culture and its execrations of our communication and language capabilities, but it’s an additional cost to connect humanity.

Video games have resurfaced in the modern world as a source of recreation, learning, and entertainment. Contrary to what you hear from soccer moms on how video games help children become terrorists The reality is that video games can yield results similar to the films you watch in cinemas. They let you become an individual and view things from a different viewpoint, which is beneficial for personal development. They are excellent to play at social gatherings or when you meet individuals.

Technology is amazing, it has transformed the world to the better and improved living standards for all in ways we didn’t believe could be possible. Technology has its flaws, however, for the amount of good it has accomplished, it’s far more than worthwhile. Tools for social networks and better security for everything entertainment, and a number of other things technology is great provided you keep the self-control.


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