How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing The E-commerce Industry


With the help by AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence online industry can improve customer satisfaction by making the shopping experience more personalized and focusing on potential customers to increase sales and even suggest items that are based on shopping and browsing habits. In this article we’ll explore the ways in which artificial intelligence is changing the face of online shopping:

A customer-centric method:

A majority of users, after browsing the store online for a couple of minutes end their browsing and exit the site. This happens most of the time when consumers are unable to obtain enough relevant outcomes from the product. In these cases, AI can help a business with intelligent solutions. Through focusing on, conceptualizing and then improving the results of searches for customers using the web, AI can help the eCommerce company overcome the challenge. Machine learning is a sub-field of AI websites, sites, and applications are able to incorporate visual search tools that see the world in the same manner consumers use their eyes. This will help businesses create and implementing the most optimal customer experience by making use of advanced technologies for image recognition and video. Thus, e-commerce businesses will be able to guarantee excellent rate of retention for customers.

Chatbot Experiences:

Have you experienced the customer service offered by the organization you are employed by? How do you feel when you make a call in queue and have to sit for hours to connect to someone in the middle of the line? Annoyed, right? If so, you can reach the company with incessant emails, hoping to hear from them that usually takes at minimum 48 hours. This can lead to an unsatisfactory customer experience. Due to this, Human-Powered Live Chat and artificial chatbots are increasing in popularity to improve customer service. Chatbots are computer-generated programs that are designed to allow conversations via text or audio in order to improve communications and offer personalized customer experiences. Chatbots allow companies to offer customers 24-hour assistance to customers, and individualized recommendations.

Find out who you wish to be able to reach:

AI can make the ability to generate leads for businesses that sell through e-commerce straightforward. AI solutions for marketing, sales, and CRM will assist companies in anticipating the future of marketing. AI assists marketers in meeting the demands of their clients through providing immediate service and solutions to issues. With AI companies can also predict its future through calculating the likelihood of buying from their customers.

Conversational Platforms:

AI can converse with other platforms for instance, Amazon Echo or Google Home that let users complete their tasks. With the help of Artificial Intelligence technologies like Natural Language Understanding users can speak to a robot and get answers to questions about products.

The Virtual Mirrors Experience:

It is a product designed that is connected to the internet to speak to the person directly. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, shoppers can virtually “try on” clothing to gain an idea of what the clothing will appear to be when they are in different hues. For example, Lens kart offers real-time mirrors that allow users to experiment with various specs to give the user an impression of what they might look like in real life.


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