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A lot of people believe that the business is driving the technology while some believe that technology has a direct impact on the business. It’s difficult to determine who is the cause of what, and the rise of technology has added to the complexity. Every person involved in business and the technology are in the midst of a debate what theory is the most correct. But I have a different view. I believe that at times, the tech drives business, and often the business drives technology. It is quite true to assert that the technology and the business are both interdependent. I’d like to prove this through this article.

Consider the time there was a decision that every firm should have a Board of directors. This is actually a very old method. The ancient Romans were also using this method in their management. It seems to suggests that the technology arrived after the business and thus led to the development of technology. For instance, the telegraph was made famous due to Reuters. It was actually the most powerful media company in the world that first employed the telegraph to conduct their mission. There are many other examples.

The industrial revolution that led to the major change in the world of business world was ignited by an invention by steam engines. This revolution brought about the business world to expand exponentially across the globe. This indicates that technology played a significant role in the business’s growth to become global. Technology has been the main factor in the expansion of business globally.

However, this doesn’t mean that the technology will drive the business. You can certainly say that technology has increased the speed with which operations are carried out. However, saying that business operations are dependent on technology is not true.

Let me show you the other side of this issue. It is clear the reasons why the telegraph was first discovered. It was because the business world required this. It was the Reuters are the very first company to make use of the telegraph, and later became the top of the best in all. So, can we claim that technology functions as cutting-edge and that one business is able to lead over another? This is the case and we’re completely correct. This is the most important aspect of the relationship between technology and business.

It is a fact that through the use of technology, you will be able to beat the odds that are taking place between rival businessmen. Let’s consider the question of the beginning paragraph. I’m certain that at times businesses are driven by technology and other times the technology becomes a factor due to the needs of the business.


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