Artificial Intelligence – Where Are We Today?


In fact, we often hear regarding Artificial Intelligence these days, however, few people are aware of the meaning of artificial intelligence. What’s more confusing for newcomers and those who are not experts is the fact that many people who are working involved in the field of artificial intelligence argue about the definition. The problem is commercial companies begin to promote their technology as artificially driven, even though they’re not.

There are several distinct categories that people who work in the artificial intelligence field can be classified into. The first is the ones believing that AI is a computer program that is akin to human decision-making or seems to be able to imitate human decision-making. There is another group who call themselves purists , who think that neural network processing represents artificial intelligence. Of course , we will be discussing both kinds. We will also discuss every one of the applications, technology that are , or appear to be comparable enough that their developers or their marketers have classified in the name of artificial intelligence.

We are now able to see these applications, such as Google search engine on the Internet autonomous operation, interactive E-Learning systems as well as recognition software that recognizes facial features, speech fingerprints, spell checkers and voice recognition, anti-spam applications or algorithms that search databases for signs of anomalies. Naturally, the more complex the software, for example self-driving automobiles, self-piloted planes as well as corporate telephone systems forecasting weather stock trading, military-net-centric warfare, automated warehouses, and computer-controlled space system, the more significant artificial intelligence gets.

It’s fairly simple to realize that artificial intelligence has impacted our lives in the same way as computers have and will in the near future more so with artificially intelligent robots in our homes , as well as computers making decisions in the workplace. In the near future, we’ll be running artificial intelligence in our transportation systems, government agencies and money flows, as well as the distribution systems, the environment and entertainment systems that use virtual reality and pretty much everything else you could imagine. Maybe following this article, you may be able to come up with additional applications for your industry?

Are the skies the only limit for artificial intelligence? Yes, it appears to be, but it’s not since we already have AI under water and in the underground so it is not the only limit, nor is the ground, or any other dimension. Artificial intelligence isn’t restricted to space, time and energy, or even matter within a single dimension. In the future , humans might include additional features in which machines and humans are merged with the help of Artificially Intelligent components.


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